Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What a long road..

It has been awhile since I have posted anything, so I felt like it was time.

Billy has been in the hospital, as of today, for 58 days. We were scheduled to bring him home on Monday, the 12th. But we have ran into some obstacles the past few days. So needless to say we aren't bringing him home.

He has received 6units of blood and a unit of plasma. They did an endoscopy but it came back clean, so no bleed there. Then they scheduled a CAT Scan but before that could be done his right thigh swelled. So they scheduled a doplar to go with that. They both came back "ok." The doctor ordered another CAT scan on his leg and that came back that there is a pool of blood in the back of his thigh. His right thigh is, as of this afternoon, 6 inches bigger than his left thigh. Basically they are not going to do anything about it but watch it. His thigh is very very tight and it looks so uncomfortable. But they don't know where the blood is coming from or why it is pooling there. So we have no answers right now.

As of this morning his blood counts were alittle higher than yesterday but we are very wary of those tests. When Uncle David was in the hospital, with a GI bleed, his numbers would be ok one hour and then within the next few hours they would drop. So who knows what is truthfully going to happen.

His kidney output hasn't been that great. They are giving him medicine to make him pee. Which at least is keeping his kidneys operational. But they are worried about that.

He has been running a fever of at least a 100 for the past couple weeks. The infectious disease doctor thinks it is related to his leg. But I don't buy that. The condition in his leg just popped up. This fever did not. The fever will break after he is given tylenol but as soon as it wears off the fever is back.

So we are just sitting and waiting. It is scarey but what happens will happen!

There is a benefit planned on the 7th of February for Billy n Mom. If you want more information, please let me know!!

Thanks for all the prayers. We really need them and appreciate them.


David and I have been married over 3 months now. And other than the situation with Billy, it is going great. We are really learning how to communicate better and how to love each other better. He is so wonderful with Nic. I have always known that David was going to be the best dad, but watching him with Nic it really shows.

God blessed our family with David. He has really stepped up to make sure my family doesn't fall apart with everything going on. He doesnt complain and he holds my hand. I am so glad he chose to marry me and not someone else!! ;)

Nic is doing good. He had a GREAT Christmas, other than the obvious. He is growing and he is trying so hard to be the man of the house.

I hope to post again soon!!

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Ruth of Allover Art said...

Your family is in my thoughts. I hope things get better soon, or at least you get some answers.