Wednesday, December 10, 2008

30 days

Where did our month go? Oh, that's right, at REX. This morning at 12:30ish is when Billys heart attack happened. From the first meeting with the doctor in CCU and hearing "What you see is what you will have for the rest of his life" to yesterday watching Billy move his shoulders (and no its not postering) and move his feet, is nothing short of a miracle.

I was starting to clean the living room, so that way when Billy comes home I won't have much to keep up, and I found a door "knocker" that says "Miracles happen above us, so always be looking up." That is the truth. Everyday we are watching a miracle take place. We had a doctor tell us that if Billy recovers, it would be front page news and we told him to remember Billy's name cause God is in control.

I wish you could see him. To go back in the beginning, on the 10th of November, and watch him everyday. You would see such continuous improvement. No he may not be talking (he is trached), or able to move on demand right now, but he is responding to touch, he is responding to people. You say HI to him and he tries, with his mouth, to say HI back. Mom will give him a kiss and tell him "if you want another one, close your mouth." And he will. He is making facial expressions. He has what I call the "Elvis Lip," which he uses when he is aggrivated or doesn't like something. He has a very light smile, and he yawns when he gets "bored."

God tells us to believe in Him. To give Him our problems and to know that He will solve them. But He also tells us that He will help those who helps themselves. We know that God will heal Billy. We know that by His hand, Billy will be healed. We also know that when it happens, the doctors, who have told my mom "Whats it going to take 3, 6, 9, or even 12 months watching your loved one in this state, before you realize we were right and he isn't improving," will take the credit for Billy, but it won't be them. It will be because of the grace of God and no one else.

Thank you all for the prayers. We have a long road to go down and can't do it without your continous prayers and support.

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