Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Friday is the day

Well this week Billy will be home. It was supposed to be this evening, that got moved to Thursday morning, and now we are on Friday. So Friday is the day.

I have been on the phone with Family Medical Supply. What wonderful women. Faye, the lady helping with Billys' case, has bent over backwards. We are getting a new bed, with a new mattress. She recommeneded a home health care agency, she even called the case manager at the hospital and told him she wouldn't have the stuff here till tomorrow afternoon. She is a God send!

Due to her recommendation I have picked a Home health care agency. I just hope they are efficient as Faye says they are.

As you can see I am saying "I" alot. Some how I have been delegated to handle these discissions that will affect Billy and his home health care. I just pray I chose the right ones. If not, then we know who will get blamed.

I have spent SEVERAL SEVERAL days cleaning and orginizing and rearranging to make room. Thanks to Jennifer and Shelly, who spent hours helping me. David, bless him, helped me rearragne the furniture and packing crap. Lets just pray it is good enough for everyone else.


Life is so hectic right now. I just pray for strength.

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